Need Help/Contact Information for La Romana

La Profe_1

Oct 15, 2003
I am in Puerto Plata, and today we (Caritas) sent a mother to Santo Domingo with two of her children, ages 2 and 5. The children have cleft lip and palate and need surgery to correct it.

The children were accepted for free surgery by a US foundation that has a medical team working right now in La Romana. So, they have an appointment for surgery on next Tuesday. However, the mother is quite poor and we will have to try to help her with the costs of the trip, the required blood work and staying in La Romana for a few days.

Does anyone know an inexpensive place where she could stay? I am hoping to be able to cover, with various donations, the cost of the blood work and of the actual trip.

If anyone can give me advice or contact information, please PM me.