Need help with a legal question....


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Jan 12, 2010
I am hoping someone can provide me with the contact information for a lawyer or someone with knowledge of what to do in this case.

In my previous work position, I submitted all of my documents for residency, along with copies of my medical records, to the human resources department. As part of my work contract, the company was supposed to provide me with my temporary residency. This was almost 2 years ago, and my paperwork was never processed by them. Since then, I have left the company and started working somewhere else. I left in August of last year and have been fighting with them to get my documents back ever since. All of my documents were translated into Spanish and legalized (quite costly). I finally was able to get someone to speak to me last week, only to find out that they "misplaced" my documents and can't find them. I am very concerned about this, especially with all the identity theft and things happening in the world today. Now, not only do I have to go through the hassle of getting all of the documents again and having them legalized and translated, I also have to worry about my other documents having fallen into the hands of someone else. Also, I will have to pay for a flight back to Canada in order to get another police check done.

Is there anything that can be done to hold this company accountable? There were 4 international people that started at the same time as me, and my documents were the only ones "lost." The documents of the other people have just been submitted this month (after almost 2 years of working for the company). This is a very well-known and prominent company in the DR (I prefer not to name them as I am not trying to cause problems for anyone). Any advice or information would be appreciated...or if anyone knows the name of a lawyer I can contact. I prefer someone that is fluent in English.

Thanks for your time...


Oct 9, 2009
Sorry, didn't mean to hit dislike. You probably have little chance of holding your previous employer "responsible". Probabky best to file a police report here that reports what documents are mising. This may be helpful to protect you if any are used in the future by someone.