need recomendations



Would like to plan a trip to the DR for me and my girlfriend
in about 3 weeks.
Looking for a nice couples place, we don't have kids so adult
places would probably suit us. There are a lot of
all inclusive places but it's hard to figure out what the
best deal and location would be. Looking for some insight.

I'm hoping to stay 3 nights. Would like to visit natural
wonders, significant historical places and good places to
mingle and meet people.

Ronald McIntosh

3 nights is a short time

however I always recommend Barcelo Bavaro Palace!


The choices are between Puerto Plata or Santo Domingo.
I think I'm going for Santo Domingo.

I have some TWA tickets I have to use soon, so I'm pretty
unprepared. I think I'm going to head to a book store and
get one of those travel books.

I'm pretty much in the dark as far as what cities are north
or south and what attractions are associated with each. From
postings I have read the Jarabacoa and Constanza places sound
interesting for a visit or drive. Something about amber mines.
If this is in the vicinity of Santo Domingo I will target that
as my point of entry. It also seems that the all inclusive places
would be kinda detached from the native flavor and people so now
I'm rethinking that and trying to get a feel for decent but costly lodging.

You have probably heard such ignorance on this board countless time, But I haven't find it in the archives so far.


Well, well well three days and a hole county to look at?

If you go to Santo Domingo, OK - but I believe you are better of in Puerto Plata! The reasons: You are asking for amber mines, they are close to PP! (At least the best sites!) Constanza is in the middle of the country in the mountains - very interesting place, but do you realy have the time to get there??? Puerto Plata is intersting and has a lot of beaches and other things to see arround it and - there are some nice hotels in the all incl. resort of Playa Dorada (guess you have noticed it on this board!)

If you chose to extend your stay, there are more things to visit, but 3 days is sort of turnarround at the airport!



Pick up Sean Harvey's Rough Guide to the DR. I think that should help you. And I'm sure others on the board will give you some suggestions as well!


Re: 3 nights is a short time

What is the Barcelo Bavaro Palace?

A. Nony Mouse

Adults only resort

Jack Tar Village in Playa Dorada is an adults only resort. For great prices there go to


Re: need... (Hi Eric :)

I've e-mailed you with some info. from my travel agent in Santo Domingo.

BTW for any of you planning on spending time in the DR I'll be more than :) to e-mail you my travel agent's address & general info. He also will gladly handle all corporate travel arrangements.


. . . CES