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Mar 20, 2006
We are in our fifties and exploring retirement options. We've done quite a bit of research on Costa Rica, and now we'd like to explore the possibility of moving to the Dominican Republic.

Can anyone direct me to websites to obtain information on climate, cost of living, health and auto insurance, etc.?

We need to learn about everything, so any information that folks could provide will, I'm sure, be helpful!

Thank you all!

Dave M.


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Dec 8, 2003
Homework Ahead

dm829 said:
Can anyone direct me to websites to obtain information on climate, cost of living, health and auto insurance, etc.?
You've come to a good source here on DR1.
Just browse through the different sections or use the search function.
For further information "google" will provide you with hundreds of websites on this country.

Dig in.



Jan 1, 2002
Weather: depends on where you live
Cost of living: Depends on how you want to live
Health insurance: Keep the one you have in the US and get a rider that covers you overseas and for med evac in case of necessity.
Car insurance: Plenty available.

You will have to come here and see for yourself. A whole lot depends on just what kind of a life you intend to lead.
If you want to live on the beach, then there are several options, probably hundreds in reality. A lot will depend on your comfort level with things Dominican.
If you want a quiet life, you might want to live further inland, perhaps in the Santiago, Moca, La Vega triangle..this includes Jarabacoa and San Jose de las Matas, two mountain towns, as well as Santiago, the second city.
If you want a cool climate in the tropics, you might look at San Jos? de Ocoa, Constanza or Jarabacoa....

Lots of variety here.

Do a search on "cost of living" we have written a mountain of stuff on that.

And talk to some of the people that are already makeing the move or have made the move....



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Oct 21, 2002
Everything is on this board .. first, use the search function (3rd button from the right on the first blue line above) and search on all of these things. Then, when you're tired of reading, come back to the board with specific questions or things that you want to know more about.

What chat a lot on the board, so, you have to read a lot to find the little pearls of wisdom in amongst all the chatting.