Neither wind nor hail nor dark of night


Jan 1, 2002
could keep XR, WUD and the Warden from making it, eventually to the Hillbilly Hovel.

We had a grand visit that included a nice phone call from a very damp DD (Debebe for those that don't know the difference between DD and D.D.) and St Louis Mike who is here for a short stay.

Beers and a couple of cigars, very intelligent conversation. Wud is wise....I hope to get h im involved with DR fast pitch softball....

The warden is a sweetheart. Not at all daunting, with the nicest eyes....

XR did not bring Alba, so I sort of made him drink Pepsi....

The rains continued, but I think they had a good trip, and expect them to return shortly.

See you folks in Sosua on Thursday!



*** Sin Bin ***
Sep 15, 2002
And I Drank It, Too.

You should feel priveleged, HB. My ex-wife and I used to literally walk out of restaurants if they told us they only served Pepsi and not Coca-Cola!

It was great visiting. Talked with Alba last night when I got back and she said next time she and I are both in Santiago at the same time that we will swing by the Hovel to chat for a while.

I don't know if Alba plays 'Rummy' or not. But I have been given to understand that Mrs. HB is a real card shark!

Tom (aka XR)
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