New authorities recognize outgoing Infotep directors


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Feb 20, 2019
Rafael Ovalles / El Caribe

More the exception than the rule when management changes in a government agency. The new authorities at the government Institute of Technical Vocational Training (Infotep) recognized the work of past general manager Rafael Ovalles (2014-2020) and its business sector representative Francisco Capellán (2011-2020).

The Board of Directors of Infotep on Wednesday, 22 October 2020, honored the insight and efforts of manager Rafael Ovalles and board president Francisco Capellán. Both received commemorative plaques and public recognization for their leadership. Labor Minister Luis Miguel De Camps García, president ex-officio of the Infotep board, was present.

Francisco Capellán Durán, representative of the business sector in the board of directors from December 2011 to September 2020 was also honored.

Labor Minister De Camps García highlighted...

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