New Baseball Academy - San Diego Padres


Feb 24, 2002
In Najayo, San Cristobal.

"Carrie Weise's agenda for a few days during the second week of January was simple. The Padres season-ticket holder planned to head down to the island most famous for baseball, sightsee a little, and check out a few of the baseball academies across the country.

For the lifelong San Diego fan, it was going to be a case of reality meeting fantasy. It was, and then some. John Moores was one step ahead of her.

Having already visited many of the facilities in the Dominican Republic years ago, the Padres owner used the same few days to build upon what he had seen in the past. Moores' mission this time around was to turn his own baseball fantasy into reality with a groundbreaking ceremony at the club's new state-of-the-art baseball academy in Najayo, San Cristobal."