New Book: Desarrollo y procesos lingüísticos en el español dominicano


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Jan 20, 2003
The Central Bank put three new books in circulation (they may or may not be at Cuesta Libros and other book stores yet) including the following one.


The act of putting the three books in circulation on Nov 12, 2021 at the Central Bank, Santo Domingo (in Spanish).

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Dec 26, 2003
That’s a long video. The part where they talk about the book is at the 25:37 mark. If Banco Central is the publisher (casa editorial) I think the book will only be available in the DR and definitely at Librería Cuesta. Online availability would be a long shot especially so soon after roll out on the market.

More scholarly work like this on Spanish spoken in the DR is needed. In my opinion, it is an understudied region and not enough reference is made to the DR in linguistic studies abroad. Countries like Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Puerto Rico and even the US have more scholarly work about Spanish and the US is not even an official Spanish-speaking country. One reason is because all the aforementioned countries have big literary contributions in Spanish. Needless to say the two go hand in hand. As a result, we rely on linguists who are foreigners to study, analyze and provide information and findings about Spanish spoken in the DR. No doubt this book has a wealth of information. I will keep it in mind. Surprisingly, it may have good availability options.

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