New cases of cholera


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Feb 20, 2019

The Ministry of Public Health reports six new cases of cholera and another nine people are suspect of having the disease. This brings to 25 the number of cases of cholera reported in the Dominican Republic after an outbreak of the virus was detected in neighboring Haiti. The Ministry also reports 85,000 doses of the cholera vaccine will be used to inoculate people living in vulnerable areas.

Of the six cases, two are Haitian women were left interned at Felix Maria Goico public hospital, and another four are hospitalized at the Hugo Mendoza Pediatric Hospital.

Cholera vaccine is not a substitute for being careful about what you eat or drink. V. cholera is transmitted through contaminated water and food and is associated with poverty, poor hygiene, and inadequate sanitation. The disease typically begins with an acute attack of watery diarrhea and copious vomiting, rapidly followed by...

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Jan 12, 2010
Whether it is idle gossip or not but I have been told by my local doctor that there have been numerous cases of cholera in La Romana. Cholera is not a virus as mentioned but is a bacterial disease so is not passed on like flu is from one person to another. But poor people may drink the same contaminated water or eat contaminated food and so all that do that are likely to get the disease at the same time. It is not confined to poor people because some years ago, numerous people contracted the disease at a wedding at Casa de Campo after eating lobsters caught in the NW of the DR ..or so the story goes !!

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May 6, 2016
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