New Cestur director: Air Force Colonel Roberto Acevedo Tejada


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Feb 20, 2019

Defense Minister Lieutenant General Carlos Luciano Díaz Morfa named 43-year old Air Force Colonel Roberto Acevedo Tejada to head the Specialized Tourism Security Corps (Cestur). Acevedo replaces Air Force Brigadier General Pilot Juan Carlos Torres Robiu, who is under investigation for corruption in the Coral Operation case. Tourism Deputy Minister Patricia Mejía was present for the announcement.

Acevedo Tejada was assigned to Cestur in 2015. Before, he had worked in the Tourist Police Corps (Politur). With more than 25 years in the military ranks, he has an extensive record of service in various areas of the military.

Colonel Acevedo Tejada held positions in the Ministry of Agriculture, the Special Commando Force Headquarters and the National Drug Control Agency (DNCD). He had served as commander of the Northern Air Command and deputy commander of the Special...

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