New country brand logo announced


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Feb 20, 2019

The public-private sector committee in charge of choosing the nation’s country brand announced on the evening of 13 May 2021 that the general public voted for the proposal made by graphic art student Isabella Fernández. Fernández won with 53% of the votes. The new graphic highlights the “do,” that is the extension assigned for Dominican internet pages

During the announcement, the Republic of the World slogan developed by the previous country brand team hired by the past government was not used. Instead the winning logo is linked to the theme – With Open Arms (Con los brazos abiertos).

Fernández received a grant of RD$3 million in equipment to develop graphic arts project and a scholarship to study art at a Florida arts school. The runner up received RD$1 million award to develop a graphic arts project and half a scholarship to study at a Florida arts school...

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