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Jul 10, 2004
Dominican citizens can use AutoGate with a Dominican passport (it needs to be codified once at either Las Américas or Cibao and they charge a one time fee for this, then the same passport can be used free of charge until it expires) in both, leaving and arriving. Since it's all electronic and the whole process takes like 2 to 5 seconds, passports aren't stamped. That doesn't mean there are no records of the entry or exit. It comes up when the passport identity code is entered in an immigration computer (usually scanned by an immigration officer) in the DR and abroad. It's basically impossible to travel internationally with no records of passing through immigration, whether it's the traditional way with getting in line and seeing an immigration officer or through AutoGate which never has a line and an immigration officer is never seen.

If your bags are carry-ons only, you're literally out of the terminal within 10 minutes from stepping out of the airplane.
Does AutoGate function at POP or just the others?

True that all the ins and outs are stored in a computer regardless of stamps. I found that out during my citizenship process.


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Jan 20, 2003
Does AutoGate function at POP or just the others?

True that all the ins and outs are stored in a computer regardless of stamps. I found that out during my citizenship process.
Dominicans only at Las Américas and Cibao. At Punta Cana in addition to Dominicans it also process Americans and Canadians.

The Punta Cana AutoGate is slightly different from the ones in Las Américas and Cibao, in part because it’s owned by the Puntacana company while the others by the Dominican government. The passport info goes straight to the Migración institution regardless which one is used. For example, the Punta Cana AutoGate doesn’t includes taking fingerprints because the camera has facial recognition capability, the metal doors are see through glass, and it only exist for leaving the DR to the US or Canada, not entry into the DR. They charge a higher fee for the service and it doesn’t last for the life of the passport. For Dominicans the registration has a lower fee (it seems the fee was dropped for Dominicans, so register could be free and is required the first time only), its a one time fee and it lasts the life of the passport (if the passport is already registered, there is no fee) and can be used in any of the three airports. Once the passport expires (I think every six or ten years), the new passport has to be registered prior to using AutoGate, otherwise it will not function.

There was a rumor that it would be expanded to other airports such as Puerto Plata, but have no idea if that went through or is delayed or cancelled or if its the AutoGate from the government which is for Dominicans only (most likely this one) or like Punta Cana which includes some other nationalities. The Punta Cana AutoGate was suppose to expand to other nationalities such as Spain, France, and a few others; but don't know the current status.
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Jan 16, 2009
Surely, that's just 'so far'..... must be coming at other airports but I suppose 2 receive the most citizens


Jun 16, 2014
I'm just talking about him not being stamped / scanned out. I have no comment on what happened to the money.
He said no one was in migracion and thought he was talking to a customs officer. It was probably the janitor.


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Jan 28, 2005
RE: new entry and exit form

Was filling it out on my phone, and at the end it asked me for a $15 credit card payment. I thought that's strange, and did it on the computer - no fee. Hmm. Did someone figure out how to hijack the form?