New Years


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Jan 14, 2002
Rockys has a long tradition for throwing the bash of the North Coast. Although I have had nothing to do with it other than dragging some folks there on a occassion or two it is the happening on the North Coast on this special day.

For those of you that bought a ticket at the Thanksgiving Bash you will see where your money went. There are over a hundred presents under the Rockys Christmas tree and they get distributed to poor children in Sosua as they have every year in the past. Revelers go out on a open bed truck to distribute them during the evening in Charimicos several times during the night with the children waiting and expecting them.

For 15$ US dollars per person you get a complete Steak dinner, free Champagne and an open bar till the last person drops. No reservation necessary but if you get in after the dinner you only pay 10$ US for all the Champagne you can drink and an open bar.

If you think we had a large crowd at Rockys for Thanksgiving (approx 125) you aint seen nothing yet. The crowd overflows into the streets.

If you haven't made your Christmas plans yet there is still time to make it to Rockys today to partake in a traditional Southern US Christmas dinner catered by Diane of D & D (Danny and Diane) of DR1 fame which promises to be scrumptous. Dinner is being served from 3-9 PM and you will have a great meal and great company.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Mishmosh and a Happy New Years!