Newbie looking for pre-retirement suggestions


New member
Apr 8, 2022
I am not planning on retiring now just planning for the future. Anyways mi idea was to try to buy an apartment and visit on vacation and then by the time I retire I already have something to live. The main problem is a car to move around. I was thinking of shipping one from Port Everglades, north of Miami, but for that l needed to become a temporary resident so I don’t have to pay so many taxes and tariffs. However, my idea was shattered an hour ago when I called the Dominican Consulate in Miami. They said very clear that I do not qualify for a temporary resident visa because I am not married to a Dominican, I am not a pensionado, I am not a rentista, and I do not have a company in which I invested $200,000 usd or more. I thought I could apply for my resident visa in Miami and renew it every year back in the DR, but I guess it is not like that. So we will see what happens. Not sure anymore.