Newbies from the DR with old male spouse

Texas Bill

Feb 11, 2003
Hi everyone;
Just thought I'd try to bring all of you up to date after leaving the dR and moving myself and my family to the States.
Margarita andI got married in February, 2004, moved her three boys in with us and I started adoption proceedings right away. Took three years for everything to go through. This was in the DR, under DR Law.
After the adoptions were complete, BC's changed, etc. we started the process pf getting Immigrant Visas for Margarita and the Boys. That was a hassle, but everything was completed in May, 2008 aand I made reservations "to get out od Dodge". We left the DR on June 30, 2008, arriving in Killeen, Texas (Fort Hood area) the same day absolutely exhausted.
Long story short, we bought a car, a house and a house full of furniture.
House at No Downpayment (VA loan), Car at no DP and at 5%, Furniture at 10% down and no interest.
Got the boys in school where they did much better than anticipated. Strange people, language, study materials, et.c, etc.
All three have been promoted to the next grade starting Monday, 23 August, 2010.
It hs been hard on all of us adjusting to the new mores and the society. My main concern was the level of aceptance that the boys would get, being of mised blood in themiddle of "Red Neck Country", but since the majority of the population are of mised color and language, they didn't have too much trouble, except, of course from a couple of "bullies" at school. That got nipped in the bud since I had hammered home to them not to be intimidated by such personalities and to fight back. They did and I backed them up with the school system and won. In my book, you don't punish the innocent with the guilty, no matter what your damn regulations say, or how they are written. Fair is Fair, and that's what Law is all about, no matter where.
Margarita is having a helluva time learning English (as opposed to the two older boys) and seems to resist doing so. I simply must keep after her in that regard. Yeferson, the youngest, has had the same problem, but asserts now that he will try harder. Maybe the trip he took back to the DR this Summer gave him a new perspective and he has matured a bit. Who knows, I don't look gift horses in the mouth.
I'll add to this a little later; think I have exceeded the posting parameters.
Texas Bill


Jan 2, 2002
Hi Bill nice to hear from you again. Interesting title, old eh? never thought of you that way ;)


Nov 17, 2004
Nice to hear from you, Bill. It's been a while.

What were your reasons for getting out of Dodge if you don't mind me asking?

Seems like quite a task and a hell of an expense to relocate with a large family.


Jul 25, 2007
Glad things are working out well for you with everybody adjusting.

We wern't so fortunate, but then again my wife couldn't learn English nor how to drive either.

Texas Bill

Feb 11, 2003
DR-1, Et Al;

I imagine many of you are curious as to why I decided to move my family to the US, since we jsut up and went without even a "fare-you-well.
The reasons were many, but the main reason was for my boys.
After taking a good hard look at the Dominican Education System and the very lmited economic opportunities which presented themselves, I decided that the US was the best place to be after all.
Even though I can see the current limited growth in the US Economy, I feel that the opportunities are still there for one to acquire LEGAL wealth through one's own efforts. Such opportunities are not available in the DR under the present political and economic structures.
Secondly, I am getting up in age and the prospects of having to pay up-front for any and all medical procedures that might be necessary were and are beyound my financial capability.
Cases in point:
In August, 2008, I suffered an angina attack for which I spent a couple of days in the Clinic, undergoing several physical tests. The conclusions were uncertain and I was told that several more tests were necessary in order to make a complete and definitive diagnosis. These tests were quoted at some RD$200,00 +- and additional unknown amount. And that was just to determine what management efforts would be necessary for my future health, etc.
Since I knew the overall bill could not be paid for by Medicare and TriCare For Life, I elected to travel to the US for these tests andwhatever others were necessary. I did that.
The results were that I had to undergo quite a few medical tests, including a couple of non-intrusive body scans of the cardiovascular system, resulting in the placement of two Stents , one in each groin.
All this took about 3 weeks and because I was being treated as an outpatient, considerable expense was incurred for lodgings, meals and transportation.
It was then that I decided my future health could be better managed by the US system of health care at considerably reduced costs to me and my family.
As a result, we accelerated our efforts to gain Immigrant Visas for the family and to make the move to the US.
In March, I contracted pneumonia andspent several days in the Clinic recovering from that episode, further reinforcing the need to make the move to the US and to a health care environment more acceptable to my status and conditions,
As it developed, the move was a wise chioce since I have spent several days in Scott & White Hospital with Bullitis, discovered that I suffer from Sleep Apnea, Osteo Porosis and severly reduced circulation in my legs, resulting in considerabley reduced mobility.
In addition, I have recently undergone Laser Surgery for Glaucoma and Cataract Surgery on both eyes.
All that having been said, I still consider myself to be lucky to be in a medical environment that is responsive to my conditions andat very little cost to me and my family.
Now if I had only been wise enough to have procurred Dental Insurance, I could have dentures andbe able to chew my meat like a normal human being.
In the very near future, I will be re-opening my VA Claim in an endeavor to get my VA Compensation increased. If it can be raised to at least 60%, I will benefit by having an increased tax-free income, no property taxes, and get many other benefits for my family upon my demise. That's my goal, anyway. Wish me luck.
Oh well, we can't have everything, now can we?
Enough about self-centered me.
Margarita aand Arismendi (my eldest son) have both procured their vehicle operators licenses. We very seldom see Arismendy, since he is always off visiting his many friends and his girlfriend.
At least Margarita now has the ability to drive herself (and me) to the various necessary functions and appointments.
I'll think of something else later to write about. Right now I'm in "information overload" mode, so I'll close this chapter.
BTW, if any of you wish, I can be reached at

Texas Bill


Jan 1, 2002
I do hope you have taught Arismendy about birds and bees...That is a way to get hung in West Texas!!...Plus the issues relating to unwed mothers... Keep a rein on him!

So far so good with those guys..


Texas Bill

Feb 11, 2003

The discussion about the "birs and the bees" were one of the FIRST done between Ari and myself, followed by a box of them thar thingies for him to use when the occasion arose.



Feb 14, 2003
Texas Bill, I'm glad to hear you are OK.. you're going to miss my Birthday coming up in September.. I bet HB won't miss it.. HB, pm coming your way
soon.. hasta pronto.;)



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Jan 20, 2003
Good to see TB lurking around. Long time no debates, eh? ;)