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Jan 24, 2008
Quite agree, great article... I went last year from PC to Barahona, following day we drove down to Paraiso (Lago Oviedo) - absolutely stunning views etc., they were just doing the roads along the coast. Didn't know that there were some eco-lodges up there, I would have loved to do that (stay in a tree house) and I love to zipline (even though I am terrified of heights!)

Loved Lago Enriquillo as well (drove all the way around it - waste of time). Went to take a look at the Haitian border - was a bit chaotic to say the least and seems to be inundated with water. Won't go back there in a hurry, even our Dominican driver and guide got incredibly nervous and couldn't drive fast enough out of the border area.

Thanks for sharing this one with us Matilda!
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