No. 2 at the Ministry of Education is out


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Feb 20, 2019

Deputy Minister of Education Julissa Hernández Durán, said to be the right hand of former Minister of Education Roberto Furcal Encarnación, has presented her resignation, reports Diario Libre. The newspaper says that sources indicate the director of the Office of International Cooperation, Idionis Pérez Encarnación, also resigned at the Ministry of Education.

Diario Libre reports that Pérez Encarnación is said to be a first cousin of former minister Furcal Encarnación with strong ties to the former ruling political party, the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD). Then Minister Robert Furcal named Pérez Encarnación to be director of the Office of International Cooperation on 5 September 2021. The appointment was contested. Pérez Encarnación already received a pension from the National Technical Professional Training Institute (Infotep), where he had been director and from...

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