not much gay pride !


Sep 27, 2006
yes, but DR stays morally strong :tired:
btw, did you notice 666 reference points under your login? apage, satanas. ;)
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Nov 27, 2007
Rod 2.0:Beta: Riot Police in Dominican Republic Disperse Gay Pride Gathering

have they never seen how many vistors flock to sydney,australia for gay pride events....another tourism opportunity missed
Yes all the hotels, restaurants and shops were very booked , full and happy in Toronto last week. Some businesses compare pride week to Christmas week interms of sales. 1 million people come to watch the parade, ready to spend money, very happy. Fun, violence free event.


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May 4, 2009
Not surprised

The article says:
"La Polic?a explic? que actu? en base a una instrucci?n de la Fiscal?a del Distrito, la que, a su vez, recibi? una querella de la Junta de Vecinos del sector, indicando que las reuniones gays en el Parque Duarte alteran el ambiente y constituyen una agresi?n a la sana convivencia."
"Un vocero de la Junta de Vecinos inform? a El Nacional que el parque Duarte no puede ser considerado ?zona libre? para los encuentros de personas que escandalizan con su comportamiento al sector y constituyen un elemento de perturbaci?n, en especial frente a la ni?ez de esa zona." :eek:gre:

Guess I need to get the number of this fiscal. I deal with "agresiones a la sana convivencia" every day, whether it's the neighborhood narcos or the corner pack of tigueres. But they aren't perverse or anything, just sometimes have more than one parter, beat their partner and frequent prostitutes, but at least of the opposite sex. (sarcasm)

If it were a gay cruise ship docking to have a party, or a bunch of gay tourists at a public gathering, the police wouldn't bother them. Also, why do they have to assume that everyone who goes to gay events is gay and scandalizing?

Halting this event did more harm than good, if you can conceive any good from doing that at all. It makes the country look bad, and insults any sense of democracy and free speech.

As far as taking advantage of it for tourism purposes, it would be a great idea. I would go to a parade or festival, and I imagine a lot of people would love to celebrate their pride in the warm DR, with all of it's beaches and sunshine (no offense person from Toronto!).


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May 19, 2008
More Pride than of the other Cities Listed

These men and women are showing Pride.
DR and Santo Domingo in particular are not gay friendly places. The overall attitude of live and let live that I have encountered is great but that does not mean that this is a gay friendly place and at times can translate into let me step on you to get what I need. I have been here 1 year living with my partner and we have met some amazing people but we have also encountered some very overt homophobia direct and indirect, when we were together and when I was alone. This is an amazing country with many opportunities but has a long way to go on many things and equality for women and gay people is two of those things.
So I say these people are very courageous and are showing Pride. They are doing the best they can with their limited resources, and organizational skills. Does anyone know that there is a gay church here in DR? Yes it meets on Saturday nights in Santo Domingo. Just wait in years to come same people will complain about all the gays coming in and making nose and driving up prices!! Just ask the people in New York how much they like the parade there.

Thank you

Gay man living with his partner here in DR because we can get married and move to the US.


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Jan 2, 1999
I would rather see more gay tourists here than AI tourists.
The gay crowd tend to stay in the smaller hotels and spend money in the local community, restaurants, bars, shops etc. Their dollar yield is usually excellent!