Numeric Portability on 2009? why not ends 2007


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Feb 24, 2005
as far as July 2009 we will be able to keep our telephone numbers no matter the company we change, but why to wait for 2 years if you will pay a fees for the change.

As reported Diario Libre today Verizon and Orange, for me the 2 bads companies, first one high prices and 2nd. bad service wasnt agree with the idea, they said there not studies that says is good for customers that, je je je je, I think is not necesary to make a survey for that, but is too late they will have to implement the changes. Centennial and Tricom said is good the implementation of NP.

I meet many many people that are using verizon and orange service but they dont want to lose the number and have to stay there.

what you think about it?