Nuria Investigates: "Doctors" with fake degrees


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Jan 20, 2003
Nuria has been investigating several "doctors" and discovered that the titles they claim certifying them as doctors of all types are in fact fakes. They even don't have legitimate exequaturs from MESCYT which is required to practice a profession in the DR.

With this one, some of the "unique medicines" he offers with laboratory tests show seversl bacteria and even fecal matter in them, making them not consumanle for humans.

Moral of the story, do your research on your doctors to make sure they are actual doctors. Check their exequatur numbers with the database at MESCYT, make sure they are registered in the various Dominican colleges for each profession (for example, you should never desl with some one claiming to be a psychologist if they aren't registered with the Colegio Dominicano de Psicólogos).

Now, a person can have a legitimate university degree from a university abroad, but if they don't have an exequatur then they can't legally practice the profession in the DR. They can give speeches on something about the profession, write books about it, etc always making it clear they aren't able to practice the profession and those are only suggestions. If they are practicing without an exequatur, despite they have the knowledge that their official university degrees certify them, they don't have the legal authorization to practice the profession in the DR.
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