Oasis Hamaca Guest Policy, etc...


Feb 21, 2007

I have a couple of co-workers of mine or are going to Santo Domingo for a 1 week vacation. These 2 guys are Gay:devious: and they want to go because they hear great things about the country. They are looking at the Oasis Hamaca because of the good deal of $649 per person (including airfare from Boston) . As you know, I just love this country and can't get enough so I always recommend it to my friends for vacation destination regardless of their sexual preference.

Before they confirm and book their trip, I had a couple of questions that I was hoping to get answered before they book. I'd like to ensure that they have a good time and enjoy the country.

First, it appears that this hotel is Right ON Boca Chica. Google Earth shows the hotel several miles away on the other side of the Airport, closer to Santo Domingo. So, is this correct? The hotel is ON Boca Chica?

Second, as this is an all-inclusive, will food and drink be available all-day and evening? and what type of food and drink should they be expecting on a daily basis?

Third, is this a guest friendly hotel? - The both of them want to meet new people and enjoy their "company" back at their hotel room for a couple of hours or so. Is this possible? I don't think that they are looking for overnight guests, just a "visit" from a local or two each day... (wink wink)

Fourth, If the guest thing presents a problem, what solutions are available to them?

Thanks as always for your wisdom. - As for me, I will be at my usual spot in Santo Domingo 1 week after they return. :cheeky:



Jul 2, 2004
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Dakra try pming jrzyguy. He goes to boca chica often, is gay and I believe he's originally from Boston. Seems like he has a lot in common with your friends.


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Oct 10, 2002
they will not be able to bring their boy toys back to the room, they will have to find little hotel rooms on Pedro Clisante that rent by the hour for those activities.

I'm sure they can find a place on Pedro Clisante but it's pretty far away, I "believe" it's in Sosua, a few hours drive.


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Oct 21, 2008
not for GAY

I am visiting Boca Chica for 15 years now and 1 thing is for sure.

This is not the ideal place for gay people. As the rest of the country.

I think the most succes would be guaranteed in the capital and some specialized places.

In eather way, Hamaca is ok, not big and forget having fun over there.