Ocean World, Camp David Ranch, Hotel Lina, SD Taxi


Mar 19, 2002
Hello all,

I'm a little late, but still want to share some of my experiences during the last trip in November. I allready told you about http://www.dr1.com/forums/living/82...ewing-residencia-drivers-license-revista.html. Here is the rest now:

Ocean World (OceanWorldAdventurePark.com | Caribbean Dolphin Park, Puerto Plata - Dominican Republic)
They still have the special rates for people with dominican residencia, which allow you to bring your friends without residencia for the same lower price. For example admission and dolphin encouter costs 70 US$ instead of 115 US$.
It has been my third visit with the third dolphin encounter. I prefer dolphin encounter: It costs less but gives you more interaction than the dolphin swim.
New to me was the fact that the lunch is not included in the admission any more. Sorry, I don't remember the price, 10 or 15 US$?, for the "all you can eat but only one serving". But that doesn't mean that the food has been better now. Still low-cost all-inclusive-hotel level.
Ocean World is a great experience but not a cheap one.

Camp David Ranch, Santiago (Camp David Ranch)
I have been there before and really wanted to go again. The food is very good and the view overlooking the City of Santiago breathtaking.
But: During my first visit we had a room in the building on the other side. Very big and nice. This time they gave us a room above the restaurant which would cause depressions if I had to stay there for more than one night. A room without windows, only two narrow wooden "perseana" and all the noise from the restaurant until late evening.
Next time I will only stay there if they guarantee a room far from the restaurant and with windows.

Hotel Lina, Santo Domingo (Hotel in Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic Hotel - Barcelo Lina Hotel - Barcelo.com)
I should ask myself, why I stick to the hotel. Somehow they seem to try hard not to be too close to perfect.
We had a reservation for three persons, but only two set of towels. OK, call the reception, no problem. Well, the towels didn't make it to our room that day...
Pool? Sorry, but the pool is closed due to construction, but you can use the yacuzzi on the top floor. OK, better than nothing. Lets go there. Oh, you don't have access to the top floor, if you are only a standard guest, didn't they tell you?
They painted some rooms next to ours, causing a terrible (toxic?) smell on the whole floor. Reception: Oh, no problem, they will stop working soon (at 6 pm).
At the bar: Happy hour, two for one. OK, two Daiquiri please. Why do I have to pay two if it's happy hour? Yes sir, your next ones will be free...
And the pro's?
- central location
- very good restaurant with excellent service, but not too expensive
- large rooms and bathrooms
- outdoor pool (maybe...)

OK, what else? Oh yes, the trip from Caribe Tours to Hotel Lina...
It is not far to the hotel from Caribe Tours, but if you have your luggage with you it will feel very long. I knew that the taxis at the bus station charge high prices and you still have to walk some distance to get to your taxi, so I called Apollo Taxi to pick us up. Old vehicels, but they always have fair prices. A few minutes later a taxi arrived, but not the colour I have been told and not from Apollo Taxi. The driver told me that they work together with Apollo Taxi and they call his company when they don't have enough cars available. No, I didn't believe him that story and decided not to enter. He kept on telling us that he would be our taxi and as noone else arrived, we enter that taxi. At that moment some of the taxi drivers from the bus station approached and told us not to take this one. I told them, that I called it and that we will not get out again.
When we reached the exit, about 10 taxi drivers blocked the way and the situation started to escalate. They opened the doors, told us to get out, as this would be an illegal taxi. Our driver, who had his ID hanging from the mirror, called his company on the radio to send the police and all other units available. Meanwhile the mob hit the car with sticks. We only could leave because two Caribe Tours security persons showed up. Of cause our driver was very upset and told his company that he would go back there to meet with the police.
Hmm, what shall we do the next time we arrive in Santo Domingo with Caribe Tours???

All right, maybe I can tell you more after my upcoming 40th vacation in the Dominican Republic.



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Jun 15, 2006
how do you prove residency? I don't have a cedula but I do have a passport. do you know if I am able to use it and get the discount?

bob saunders

Jan 1, 2002
Hello all,
I knew that the taxis at the bus station charge high prices and you still have to walk some distance to get to your taxi, so I called Apollo Taxi to pick us up. Old vehicels, but they always have fair prices. Tibu

I'm not sure about what you are talking about. You step out the door at the bus station , walk 50 feet or less and the official taxi's are waiting right there. They aren't very expensive and they are very reliable. Taken them many times.


Mar 19, 2002

Residency -> They ask for a cedula, but you should make a reservation anyway, so just give them a call and find out if your passport is fine.

Taxi -> It was my memory that I paid quite a lot for an "official taxi". Apollo asked for 120 RD$.