October Big Day - Bird Counting Event (October 8, 2022)


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Aug 1, 2021
Cabrera, DOM
Calling all birders out there: This Saturday, October 8, 2022, is Ebird’s worldwide bird counting day (October Big Day). Let’s represent the DR (https://ebird.org/news/october-big-...rs for October,birds to bring people together.) This is a worldwide event where birds are counted the entire day. You can do one count or many, in as many locations that you want.

Also Birds Caribbean has a write up about this event: https://www.birdscaribbean.org/2022/10/october-big-day-2022-is-september-8th-2022-join-us/

Here are the Dominican Republic stats from last year's October Big Day by province:

I am more than happy to answer any questions about using the eBird app and the the event itself. I will be doing my count in the Maria Trinidad Sanchez province.