Odebrecht bribes case and ADP election outcome to be known on 14 October 2021


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Feb 20, 2019

The focus today is on whether the judges hearing the Odebrecht US$92 million bribes case will render their judgments today on former Minister of Public Works, Victor Díaz Rúa; former senator Tommy Galán; former director of the Dominican Aqueduct Corporation (Inapa), Juan Roberto Rodíguez; former senator Andres Bautista; lawyer Conrado Pittaluga; and Odebrecht commercial representative Angel Rondon. These are accused of involvement in the US$92 million in bribes Odebrecht officials admitted to in a New York City court in December 2017. The defense say sufficient evidence has not been presented to incriminate their clients.

The media is also focusing on who will be the winner of the powerful Dominican Public Teachers Association (ADP) election. To be decided is whether Eduardo Hidalgo, running with the backing of the PLD opposition party, or Juan Núñez, running for a coalition of the...

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