Ombudsman: Deaths of Gregorio Custodia, Richard Baez and David de los Santos were avoidable


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Feb 20, 2019

The office of the Ombudsman of the Dominican Republic has issued a report stressing that the recent highly publicized deaths of three young men in Police custody could have been avoided. The report is published at a time when the director general of the Police has not been available for questioning. Instead, the Minister of Interior & Police Jesus Vasquez and the new Commissioner of the Police Jose de Vila have been doing the rounds to tell of the government advances for police reform.

The deaths of young men in the custody of the Police that were reviewed were those of Richard Baez, 4 April 2022 in Santiago; Gregorio Custodia, 18 April 2022 in San Jose de Ocoa; and David de los Santos, 1 May 2022 in Santo Domingo.

The Ombudsman Office demands that the Superior Police Council urgently pass a new protocol for vulnerable persons in custody of the...

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