Ombudsman Pablo Ulloa: The National Police at the Victoria prison must be suspended


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Feb 20, 2019

Ombudsman Pablo Ulloa called for the removing of the entire contingent of police staff at the La Victoria jail in northern Santo Domingo. The Department of Prisons recently reported the clandestine operation of 12 Starlink satellites to offer Internet service to inmates at the jail.

Ulloa says there was collusion between the inmates and the National Police. He called for consequences for the Police officers who allowed the entry of the high-tech equipment.

“I have demanded that they cannot continue working there, they have to be suspended or moved, because at the end of the day the system is going to continue,” he said.

The Penitentiary and Correctional Services Agency (DGSPC) reported on 4 February 2024 the discovery of 12 Starlink satellite Internet dishes and six signal repeaters in operation at the jail.

Ulloa says that the Dominican Republic cannot allow organized...

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