On January 26 they will decide whether to send Kenyan troops to Haiti


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Jan 20, 2003
Apparently, the DR will have a military participation in Haiti.

Did Haiti change its previous rejection of the DR military being there? I remember when the 2010 earthquake happened, the DR military was going to go to Port-au-Prince to help in the search and rescue. The then Haitian president (or prime minister, whatever is called in Haiti) Rene Preval gave a negative to that and even went in the media saying the Dominican military will not be received in Haiti. Soldiers from other militaries such as the UN/Chile/Brazil/etc were accepted though. The Dominican military only went as far as the border and at no time entered Haiti. I also think any Haitian military is allowed in the DR either (even when Haiti’s military was disbanded.)

Things now are different or Haiti will not accept the Dominican military this time either? Even if Haiti is intervened by the UN, Kenya or whatever, the Haitian government is the one that has the final say regarding these things.

The Ministry of Foreign Relations clarified their help to Haiti will be diplomatic, not militaristic.