Only a fraction have renewed vehicle tax stickers

JD Jones

Moderator - Covid 19 in DR & North Coast
Jan 7, 2016
In this country?? Are you just now noticing that? LOL

They can't live without them, mainly because they put such large names on things then use an acronym to shorten it.


Apr 29, 2005
Some gringos do the same. It reminds me of the students in college that kept 5 or 6 ski lift tickets wired to the zippers of their parkas that they always wore to the bar to advertise their athletic prowess.
Some people like to prove they are 'old timers' and 10 marbetes mean theyve been around. .
Either that or they can't afford a razor blade to scrape it.
Probably never empty and clean ash trays either.
You tryin to Shame me..... I gots 13 on mine and the wife hates it.... lol.... maybe this year is the year I will be able to see out that side of the windshield......
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