Open to houseshare offers


Feb 22, 2010
Seems you get much more for a little more money and many people are in the same boat so I might be prepared to consider a homeshare with someone responsible, looking to spend long term time in or around Santo Domingo.
I've got a good few years under my belt in the country. I've lived in Sosua, Pto Plata and Santo Domingo, all over one year terms so I'm quite settled and used to the ups and downs of the country and know what to expect and how frusatrating life is, how to deal with silly regular predicuments n so on.
I have a little girl who will spend 2 nights a week with me (the rest with her mother), but she is no problem and a joy to have around so as long as you don't outright hate kids then you should be confortable with that.

I'd be looking at getting a 2 or 3 bedroomed place for around $600 p/m ($300 each ish), furnished or part furnished (I have some stuff but not all). Or would be prepared to consider one of the newbuilds in ZO (probably not a great zone for a newby to the city or anyone without reasonable spanish or street smarts) going at a very cheap price unfurnished and organizing furnishing it between us, (obviously organization will be needed for this, but it can be done).

I'm looking to make living a little easier and more practical, living alone isn't that practical in Santo Domingo.