Oscar Daniel Pimentel Imbert starts his aviation career in Punta Cana and returns captaining a Delta jet


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Feb 20, 2019

Oscar Daniel Pimentel Imbert accomplished any pilot’s lifelong dream. To fly back to one’s country of birth and be received with an inaugural flight ceremony at the country’s most important airport.

A description of the traditional water salute ceremony, honored at several major airports worldwide, is needed for readers to understand the scope of what happened at Punta Cana International Airport on the day of the arrival of the Delta DL 1900 inaugural flight from Atlanta.

For the welcoming ritual that marks the special occasions of an inaugural flight, two fire engines are parked on either side of the runway and these use their water cannons to create a giant arc above a plane as the airplane taxies to its gate. There are even times when a ray of sunshine produces a rainbow. Regardless, the ritual makes a memorable impression on all who can witness.

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