Panoramic View of Puerto Plata in 1977

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Jan 20, 2003
A panoramic view of eastern Puerto Plata city from Mt Isabel de Torres in 1977. Yes, in the lower is seen the jail in the Cristo Rey neighborhood. Now there is a baseball field across the street, though this photo was taken before it was built along with the housing project for the poor built by Joaquín Balaguer. Much of the land next to that then simply fields is today the Torre Alta neighborhood. Also visible is the then practically Bayardo neighborhood, today one of the best areas to live in Puerto Plata. Also visible is where Jumbo is now, then simply fields. As anyone can see, things such as cement, windows, door handles, ceramics, etc were all great businesses to be in! Bright future since all that area is now built and most of the things making up the buildings didn't made themselves.

For comparison, this is the same view, though not as zoomed in, in recent times.

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