Passenger numbers do not meet expectations of new Intrant bus route


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Feb 20, 2019

The new Corredor Núñez de Cáceres (CNC) bus route, a monopoly of a Conatra-related company, is not working out as planned.

The management of the Núñez de Cáceres Corridor (CNC) announced in a press release that in the first four months of operations of the pilot plan (from 25 January to 3 June 2021), it has managed to transport 986,000 users on the route that goes from the Los Ríos sector in the north to the Centro de los Héroes in the south, a 10.2 km route. The management says that the company has been operating at a deficit. The bus route is the first transport venture using the public-private alliance mechanism.

Luis Rosado, the CNC manager, said that the actual daily passenger ridership has fallen well below the projections. Passengers would pay RD$15-RD$20 for a fare on the previously available modes of transportation on the route. Today, the...

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Jan 20, 2003
Expand the service to cover other routes and people that use public transport will have no choice to use it unless they decide to walk, car pool, take a taxi/uber or get a private car.

If it's seen as a business, hardly any business makes money in its first year, much less in the first few months. Some businesses take 5 or 10 years to make a profit, although the DR is known to have one of the shortest periods in Latin America between starting a business and become profitable. With this type, the faster it's expanded the shorter it will take to reach profitability.


Apr 1, 2014
They privatized it and at the same time doubled the transportation cost for the average lower to middle income
Dominican who would normally use that daily route.
What did they expect?
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william webster

Jan 16, 2009
Never underestimate the poorer echelon.... they are well aware of their plight

I had check cashing stores - we sold bus passes too

When gas got to a certain price, car owners switched to the bus...
each had their own 'trigger point'..... but all agreed

No more car for me at this price - better to take the bus
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