Passport must be in ''PRISTINE CONDITION'' to travel from MSP--MIA POP on AA!

Papa Benito

New member
Dec 5, 2006
Is this peculliar to MSP? Or does each airport, airline, and TSA make their on rules? -----------AA attempted to re:deviousfuse my travel because a couple pages of pages of my passport were slightly folded(by 1/8''). The penalty was to refuse flight until I acquired a new passport. This was expensive plus would require me to stay in a MSP hotel for a minimum of 7 nights! I protested and after 1/2 hour of secret bureaucratic crap, they allowed me to travel. But threatened me that POP may not allow me to enter the RD! POP allowed my entry without incident.


Oct 24, 2004
Thats the kind of stuff that really annoys me. If American Airlines is going to take your money, they should make a sincere effort to get you where you're going. Since they are facing bankruptcy maybe all they want to do is to take your money. If that happened to me, I would file a complaint with the Minn. Attorney General. You can download an Adobe form from the AG web site and fill it out on your computer but you have to print the form and sign it and then mail to the AG.

It will take a few minutes and cost you the price of a stamp but, who knows, maybe you'll end up with a free drink voucher.

To answer your original question, I would say it was peculiar to some real jerks in MSP.