Paypal and Banco Popular Problem


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Nov 17, 2015
I recently attempted to transfer funds from my USA Paypal account into my Banco Popular DR account. A message popped up in spanish claiming the link with my BP accounts to Paypal has expired. So I attempt to renew the linkage. BP requires you to enter your paypal email address and hit continue. Then another message pops up telling to me validate the email address.

"To link your account, place the email address of your PayPal account that you wish to use to withdraw funds." Next I get this message. "Please validate the data provided. The PayPal account to link must belong to Dominican Republic.". Am I getting this right, that now I have to have a dominican republic paypal account if I want to link to BP?

Another user had this exact problem a couple of months back, but I saw no other answers. Anyone else with the issue?

Paypal was completely useless in the way of help.