Pediatric General Surgeon


Nov 22, 2007
I am looking for a great Pediatric General Surgeon as Victor needs an umbilical hernia repaired. My Pediatrician suggested someone but I would like to know if anyone here has used one with excellent results as Doctors in DR tend to recommend based on friendships, and family ties and not necessarily on skill.
Before you ask, I do not want to bring him back to the states because it will already be a lot on him having surgery and traveling a few weeks after that is not in his best interest. As we no longer have a home here we would have to stay with family and such and I just think it would not be good for him, being only 3 years old.
I have complete faith in the skills of some doctors in the DR that I use but have never needed a Pediatric Surgeon.
If you have any suggestions, preferably of one whom you have had an experience with either your child or the child of a close family member, I would greatly appreciate it.


We are in Santiago but I would be willing to travel only to the Capital or Puerto Plata. No public hospitals please. If the person you know practices in a public hospital, please let me know of the other hospital they may work in. Most have at least 2 hospitals they are affiliated with for this reason.
Thanks again.