Pediatrician in Sosua?

Danny W

Mar 1, 2003
As far as I can tell, the closest pediatrician to Sosua is in Puerto Plata. Although there is are clinics in Sosua and Cabarete that offer 24 hour emergency care, normal services for children such as vaccinations require a trip to POP. Is that true? Also, what is the best clinic in Sosua/Cabarete? Thanks - D

Jane J.

Jan 3, 2002
Dr. Quiroz is a pediatrician in Los Charamicos. He's OKAY, definitely capable in an emergency and his clinic is open 24-hours, but there are more modern doctors in POP for sure.

You can get the vaccinations done at the Centro P?blico in Charamicos, however you are at their whim in terms of supplies. If you want to avoid the trip to POP for this, it is best to stop in at the Centro and ask when they will have the vaccinations you require and return on that day. Be prepared to stand in line. Also be prepared to fill in your record book (if it's not theirs) yourself.

If you have no objection to the trip to POP or paying for your vaccinations, it's a better idea. For example, at the Centro P?blicos I believe they still use live vaccines for Polio, which is riskier than the Sabin vaccine that is used in the US and Canada, and at the Centro Bournigal.

If I had to choose the best clinics in the area, I would say Servi-Med in Cabarete and Nelson Gil's clinic in Sos?a, which is near Casa Marina.

Beware Dr. Wehbe....*shudders*
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Jan 1, 2002
I put Servi-Med in Cabarete in the afternoon on Monday through Friday at the top of the list. That is when Dr. Plaut, a German/German trained doctor, is on duty. The clinic is open 24 hours a day, but he is the best doctor in the area.

In Sosua, Gil & Garcia is best, but I'd prefer to go when the foreign nurse is working. She is from Yugoslavia or one of those countries and worked in hospital emergency rooms there for many years. Fortunately she is there most of the time. She has more training and experience than some doctors.