Pepca prosecutor Mirna Ortiz says advances are made in Odebrecht 2.0 corruption case


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Feb 20, 2019

In an interview with Ana Mitila Lora and Rosa Encarnación for El Despertador, the morning Channel 9 TV news show, Mirna Ortiz, the coordinator of litigation for the Attorney General Office’s Specialized Administrative Corruption Prosecution Division (Pepca), explained the division is investigating over 700 corruption cases. Among these is what is known as Odebrecht 2.0.

“In regards to Odebrecht 2.0, although you do not hear of us, we are working, we are working like ants. We have received international cooperation not only from Brazil but from other countries. We are waiting for a committee in Brazil to receive us.”

She explained that her division has maintained constant communication, not only with the authorities of Brazil but also with other countries in which Odebrecht had an active participation in acts of corruption similar to those committed in the Dominican Republic. She...

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700 cases of corruption. Think about that for a second. SMH