Perla Marina Safety & Security as of 2009


Oct 2, 2007
How do locals and residents of this area feel about the safety and security living within this community?

I've heard recently of a few break ins in the Perla Marina area.

Up until recently I had heard nothing but positive feedback about the safety there.

I've found a few older threads, but would like to hear the current viewpoint and feelings about this area!

( - There are a few comments at the beginning of this thread about it, but it discusses not only Perla Marina, but other areas, so I thought I would open a new thread solely in regards to Perla Marina.

Thanks in advance!

Black Dog

May 29, 2009
I haven't heard of anything very recently going on in Perla Marina but then not all crime hits the air waves! It has had it's problems in the past but where hasn't? There are two parts of the area which have very good security, Ocean Sands and Sol De Plata Gardens, It's almost impossible to find a community around Sosua/Cabarete that hasn't had some break ins. The thing is to take sensible precautions and do what you can to minimise the risk
Hope this helps!
Aug 21, 2007
As said in above post, Perla Marina is no different than the other areas surrounding Sosua and Cabarete. A few break-ins recently? What is recently? A couple of weeks ago, an attempted break-in in the condo area was prevented. Entry was gained via the beach. The culprits never made it into the building. One guy is presently in jail. The night security thwarted the incident.

I believe the hired security company does its best. The guards all have walkie- talkies and are required to report in regularly. They are all armed and trained on their weapons. They are posted at strategic points.

This might be the real clue here.....Perla Marina has a home owner's association. However, because it is an old development, some residents lived here prior to the establishment of the association. Some of these residents believe that they lived here before there was security and gates, and they survived, so they refuse to join the association and pay the associated fees now.

These individuals cannot be forced. But- in response, the security guards know who the paying members are. The guards are positioned throughout the community in strategic places depending on where the paying members live. Those are the homes that are guarded.

To say Perla Marina has had break-ins does not tell the entire story. The homes of association members are well protected and safe. For the others, I guess it is live at your own risk.

Finally, in any area, home owners need to carry some responsibility for self protection. This has been discussed many times on this board. Good lighting, walls, electronic security systems, dogs all help. Being careful about whom you associate with and invite into your home is important. The manner in which you live and conduct yourself can affect your security.

Security is a package deal with many factors playing a part.

Me? I live in Perla Marina. And I sleep well every night, not losing a wink of sleep worrying about my safety. I do so because I have taken every possible step to secure self protection.
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