Persio Maldonado urges actions to amend National Intelligence Agency law


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Feb 20, 2019

“President (Luis) Abinader would make a very serious mistake by leaving a law of that nature in his administration. He does not deserve an indelible stain like that,” said the president of the Dominican Newspaper Society (SDD), Persio Maldonado, in reference to Law 1-24 that creates the National Intelligence Agency (DNI).

Interviewed on the television program “Sinthesis,” by Michael Hazim, Maldonado also spoke of efforts to produce modern legislation to encompass all the new media through the proposed National Institute of Communications (Inacom).

Maldonado said a team of experts and lawyers worked on the Inacom draft law to reconcile positions of different sectors. He said the legislation seeks to encompass all the new media that exist now.

Maldonado highlighted that there is freedom of speech in the Dominican Republic. He said people can say lies because it is their right...

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