Play Ball! 15 November 2020


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Feb 20, 2019

The Ministry of Public Health and the Dominican Baseball League (Lidom) signed off to the health protocol to celebrate the 2020-2021 Winter Baseball Championship. Follow the tournament from 15 November 2020 on TV and online. No fans will be allowed in the stadiums.

Health Minister Plutarco Arias said that about 75 weekly tests per team will be carried out to keep tabs on any disease spread.

There will also be frequent inspections, disinfections, and permanent monitoring of each team’s clubhouses to protect the players and minimize the possibility of spread of the virus. If a player gets sick, the tests will make it possible to early on isolate the person and treat the disease promptly to reduce complications. Players will be tested once a week.

Upon making the announcement of the signing of the health protocol, Arias said that the Dominican people need...
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chico bill

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May 6, 2016
How boring - baseball on TV. No hot dog, no beer with others and no yelling at the umpire.
I'll pass.