Playa Dorada Puerto Plata Village Chamelion.

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canadian bob

Jan 16, 2002
This is the old Club On The Green. (I wish they wouldn't keep changing resort names!) Just spent a week there for $297Canadian. I guess you get what you pay for...... The room was mediocre, A/C barely functioned despite requests to fix it, the buffet food was nondescript & the same every day....
The Italian restaurant which used to be exceptional was not even good. I'd give the overall hotel a 2star rating. But the price was good! Air only was to have been $379C (Air Transat). Canadian Bob.


Rest in peace Amigo!
Aug 21, 2002
Hi Bob,

Puerto Plata Village is a different resort, also in Playa Dorada.

Cameleon Carribean Village Playa Dorada is the Nolitours (part of Transat Holidays) name for their "Club" section (self-rated at 3*) of the Occidental Caribbean Village, Club on the Green. I spent a week there Dec. 15 - 22 and while I would agree that the resort is showing it's age (although our AC and hot water was outstanding at all times). We actually had a good meal at the Italian restaurant but the buffet food could use some variety. There was basically nothing wrong with anything (except for the numbers of voracious mosquitoes near the golf course adjacent to the pool area) but nothing was memorable either. I agree that as an overall "value" the package was worth it but only because of the low price. We used it as a cheap base of operations and spent most of our time outside the resort or at the beach.

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