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Jan 8, 2002
I need the name of a contact at Plaza Lama, a top dog, so to say. I have a customer service problem that nobody at Plaza Lama wants to resolve, meaning the person responding does not have responsibiltiy and the person having responsibility is not there.

Would like a name and direct phone number. A corporate officer would be nice.



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Jan 26, 2004
Been there done that

Good luck with whatever the case may be. Plaza Lama sucks! CS is non existing and the only way forward is to raise hell. I personally hate that since it gives the foreigners a bad rep. but at the end of the day - what to do??
Bite the bullet and accept the situation?? That is what has been done with the electricity situation and look what that has done to the country.

Go get them!!

Co?o!!! Diablo!!!!


Mar 18, 2002
It seems like Plaza Lama is notorious for lack of service. Here's something culled from the Playa Vista DR1 blog:

Playa Vista Archives: June 2005

Friday, June 3, 2005

Rumor has it that Plaza Lama - one of the larger department store chains in the DomRep - is not good at handling repairs of electrical goods that fail after purchase. We would like to scotch that particular rumor, based on our recent personal experiences, and state that they are unbelievably and deplorably atrocious at handling repairs ?even begging the question as to what is their function if as a repair center they don?t in fact affect repairs?

We purchased a Sony stereo unit for use in the Playa Vista Bar and unfortunately well inside 12 months it very disappointingly and surprisingly broke down. We naturally took the unit back to Plaza Lama?s repair service center where they startlingly and immediately departed from the norm of accepting liability for component failure within the first year, and in a customer not-so-friendly way declared that if we went off and bought six specified transistor components at the other end of Santo Domingo they would ?try? repairing the unit. We should have smelt a rat at this point? firstly because of the oddness of us, the customer, being requested to search for the necessary parts ourselves and secondly because of the half-hearted promise that this ?might? result in a repair! The time consuming and inconvenient purchase and delivery of the components back to the repair center, followed by a few days of grace for the technician to try his hand, left the unit precisely as it was: not functioning. Plaza Lama then instructed us to take the unit to ?Curacao Trading Company? who we later found out were the only genuinely authorized Sony distributors in this country. When reaching the Curacao service desk they informed us that only with a direct internal request from Plaza Lama, which they certainly had not received, could they take on such a situation. So we were left embarrassingly clutching the unit and facing the further time consuming extremely irritating journey back to the Plaza Lama repair center. We deposited the unit back where we started and felt so extraordinarily frustrated and insulted we got in contact with Sony International directly.

Sony in Puerto Rico - the closest Sony office - immediately took hold of the situation and sent two circuit boards with a CD containing circuitry manuals at the request of the Plaza Lama technician. The boards were fitted? and again the time consuming operation yielded absolutely no improvement in the performance of the unit. Amazingly the technician could not be deterred from his track: after the first two completely incorrect diagnoses he boldly made yet another ?secure? diagnosis and request to us for yet another part? which again was not available in this country, but valiantly once again couriered by Sony Puerto Rico for the ?technician? to fit. By this stage we were not the least surprised to discover that this, his latest and third diagnosis and repair attempt was not the solution either! To the praise of Sony in Puerto Rico it should be said that they never gave up, but just like us gave up believing that Plaza Lama would be capable of ever fixing the unit. They therefore agreed to send us a replacement unit, again by courier service, so that we, in spite of the astonishing incompetence and downright rude treatment from the technical department at Plaza Lama we suffered for an unbelievable seven months, should be able to maintain the high quality of music we have always craved for the Playa Vista Bar.

A very big thanks to Sony in Puerto Rico? we presume that they will consider very carefully who they will appoint to replace Curacao Trading as their representative in this country, as that particular organization has gone into receivership. If there is any justice Plaza Lama will not even figure on their short list!

Posted by Playa Vista @ 12:04 PM CST


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Apr 15, 2004
Plaza Lama is nothing but a glorified flea market. I've also been fleeced. Once, in the middle of an argument with a customer service officer, I picked up my cell phone and simulated I was calling don Mario (Mario Lama) and giving him a peace of my mind regarding his incompetent staff. All I got was grins and jeers of disbelief. I guess my histrionics need honing.

PJT said:
I need the name of a contact at Plaza Lama, a top dog, so to say. I have a customer service problem that nobody at Plaza Lama wants to resolve, meaning the person responding does not have responsibiltiy and the person having responsibility is not there.

Would like a name and direct phone number. A corporate officer would be nice.


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Jan 1, 2002
When I moved to SD one of my Dominican relatives recommended shopping at PL because of their prices. When I asked one of my trusted uncles, he told of the times he had gone to PL to buy something advertised on sale, but never found the advertised unit "in stock" -- the ole bait-and-switch ploy. He warned me not to waste my time. My suegra told me of an electronics item she had bought there that barely lasted a week before quitting. PL refused to replace it -- claimed it was probably her fault it quit working! She told me to only go to Curacao for electronics (this was in 1995, when there were no other real alternatives). And my compadre told me PL is famous for low prices but poor quality and poorer service, and that he went out of his way not to shop there.

Based on these three recs from trusted local sources, I never shopped at PL in the four yrs I lived in the DR. During that time I heard many PL customer horror stories from friends, family and colleagues.

Sounds like increased competition over the last 10 yrs has not made PL change their ways one bit. :tired:


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Mar 2, 2002
Much as I sometimes hate to........I must give credit where credit is due!

I have had two occasions to avail myself of customer service at Plaza Lama.
One was several years ago at the Duarte Ave. store where I had purchased a portable radio/cd player which quit functioning within the one year service guarantee (I had used ot for a month or two then returned home to Canada. Upon my return to the DR it worked for about a week then the tape player quit functioning).
The radio was repaired within ten days and has worked satisfactorily since.

The second occasion was this past winter when we purchased a small TV that was an advertised special at the 'new' PL. The set worked fine when we got it however hubby 'dropped' it while installing it on the TV arm on the wall of the balconey (oopps!).
No problem.......we took it back (two days after purchase) explained that it wasn't working :devious: and said that we would like to 'upgrade' to a better model since the TV needed to be exchanged anyways.
20 minutes later we were on our way home with a set that cost $50 more....

sooooo.......I guess my hubby really does have a horseshoe up his #@$#!
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Apr 16, 2003
Plaza Lama..Only buy LG:

I have found that buying LG. products is the only way to go at Plaza Lama. Dont take anything back to them.. Take it directly to LG. service Centre on 27 Feb... I had a washing machine in Plaza lama Service Centre for a year before I wised up... Again in DR. dont buy makes that you cant service. As.. you certainly will have to thanks to the P:O:W:E:R surges..Cheers. M.