PLD announces it seeks new leadership after poor performance in 2024 general election


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Feb 20, 2019

Former President Danilo Medina would not seek to be reelected president of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) during the next convention of the former ruling political party. The former President was not reelected to the Central American Parliament seat for the Dominican Liberation Party in the 2024 general elections. PLD secretary general Charlie Mariotti would also step down.

The announcement came after the party echelons met on 27 May 2024 for the start of talks into reorganizing the party after its poor showing in the 2024 general elections. Presidential candidate Abel Martinez received 10.39% of the vote, and the PLD did not accomplish a single Senate seat, being mostly displaced by candidates of the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM).

Party directors have moved up the date for the regrouping event. The 10th Ordinary Congress that had been scheduled for 2025...

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