Police in Santiago recovers 14 stolen vehicles


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Feb 20, 2019

If the car in the photo is yours, it can be found in Santiago, according to the recent report from the police. The cops are also interrogating three suspects in this case. Eight of the vehicles were located in the Esperanza town in Valverde province, and one in La Vega, Moca and Santo D?omingo. The final three were recovered in Santiago. The vehicles were Kia, 3 Hyundai, 1 Range Rover, and 9 Toyotas.The haul included pickup trucks, SUVs, sedans and publicos.

The recovery efforts were carried out by members of the National Police assigned to the vehicle robbery unit at the Central Cibao Regional Agency, located in the old airport in Santiago. The owners filed complaints and as a result the recoveries were notified to the owners.

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13 July 2020
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