Pollution affects irrigation canals


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Feb 20, 2019

The country’s main river, the Yaque del Norte in Santiago, is now clogged by thousands of plastic containers. The same plastic waste is entering the irrigation canals, Ulises Francisco Espaillat and Monsieur Bogaert in Santiago. The floodgates of the canals are frequently covered with plastic bottles, glasses, plates and even covers of coolers.

According to data provided by the former director of the Santiago Aqueduct and Sewer Corporation and current congressman, Mateo Espaillat, the Yaque del Norte river is dying with a reduction of 73% of the flow of river water due to the lack of awareness for the preservation of this main water resource.

Over the weekend, the Santiago Aqueduct and Sewer Corporation told service users that the La Canela aqueduct was out of service due to a closure of the Monsieur Bogaert (El Flumen) canal, while the National Institute of Hydraulic...

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