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Sep 27, 2010
A correctly balanced pool should only need regular addition of tri chlor in granular or tablet form, preferably granular, dependent on bathing load, rainfall and sunshine or contaminants etc,and no other chemicals.Other chemicals are needed when curative measures are called for , not maintenace. Forget all the other nonsense if you want a healthy pool. (Bromine, Salt water. Bio action etc etc. ).
Pro Source, next to El Choco restaurant,Sosua, has all you need and a well informed English-speaking manager and products at a competitive price.
Lars will sort it out.
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The Virginian

Mar 16, 2007
I am trying to replace the sand in my T-240BP Pool filter. Its been 5 years and is recommended by the manufacture I also had algie in the pool that I could not get rid of. My question is how do you remove the slotted lateral tube? By removeing its cap the water drains out then you remove the lateral tube and the sand emptys out. No idea how this gets removed. My arms are too short to reach inside and I can not move it from the outside. Any ideas? thanks Phil