Pool tiles


Mar 24, 2008

We are having a leak repaired in our pool and had some of the tiles along the top inner edge crack beforehand and during the repair which we would like to replace but have had no luck finding the same tiles. I was wondering if anyone could either tell us if they just happened to see or know of where we can get our specific tiles or suggestions on places I could check (calling first and visiting if needed)? The guy fixing the pool has checked Ochoa in Santiago and has checked some places in Nagua but hasn't tried Sosua/Cabarete/Puerto Plata area yet, so I was thinking of trying there this week as I think there are a few pool stores in the area? We haven't tried Santo Domingo yet either but if we were going to try there, I would definitely want somewhere I could call to check first.

What we are looking for are 6" x 6" plain navy blue square tiles. (Similar to this link: https://32fb08e68f50cd95a495-fa5174...sl.cf5.rackcdn.com/140677_1_2012610211550.jpg)

Thanks so much for any help you can offer!


May 4, 2015
We had loose and cracked tiles. The pool guy at our development's main pool had someone come out and reattach them when he was doing maintenance. We just had to let the pool level drop a couple feet and, fortunately, we had same color tiles. Ask around. Someone may just do it for you if doing work in the area.