Possible move to the North Coast-questions


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Jan 25, 2008
1) Has anyone brought their pets from the U.S.? Was it relatively easy? Are there good vets in the area?
2) All the rental properties seem to be vacation/high end stuff-can anyone refer me to someone who can help with a long-term house rental (that would accept big dogs).


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Mar 6, 2003
Hello blacklilah,

Please give us a little more information to help you.

As for:
1) Pets? Yes. not a big deal to bring in and easy to get thru POP IF you have all papers... and pay a entry fee. Do your homework and check with airlines. .. I have not had any real problem with the vets.. but some could have you "running to the hills" with pet under arm. Best that you find the one, of several, that you like.

2) MORE INFO. Budget? How many people? How long? Needs, for you and dogs? When?

...and yes.. I have rentals on DR1 rental section. lol (and I will look at dogs.)

Regards, Ringo


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Apr 25, 2006
bringing pets

I first arrived without my(big) dog, we are owners but had to rent first as we had tenants. Dogs can be an issue for some. I brought the boy here in June because I was heartbroken without him. We lost him in September to a disease that could have been avoided had we found the right vet the first time. Bring your dog, if at all possible, they are family members and people you rent from soon understand that they will not be running loose or destroying property. If you need a vet PM me and I will tell you my preferences and why. Best of luck, we live on the north coast and it is a beautiful place, a contrast of all human nature and beauty.