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Oct 21, 2002
1. While debate and discussion is fine, we will delete any post that is rude, insulting, contains a personal attack or is inflammatory.
2. Posters should post in a way that is respectful to other users.
3. Please stay in line with the topic being discussed and remember religion and race is off limits.
4. Posters should remember that the living forum is aimed at a general audience.
5. Spam posts will be deleted. We allow genuine third party recommendations of businesses and services within the Dominican Republic.
6. While advertisers may answer questions about their business, excessive repeat posts of the same nature will be considered as spam and deleted.
7. If you are not sure of anything, feel free to ask the moderator first via a private mail.
8. Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself.
9. Keep to discussions regarding the Dominican Republic and living in the Dominican Republic.
10. Try not to post when you have had too much to drink as this often doesn't work out well.
11. While these guidelines cover most common situations, we cannot anticipate everything. We reserve the right to change our minds about anything to ensure that these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way.
12. And finally, don't ever take it personally. It is only a board and not life and death.

Happy posting!
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Dec 9, 2002
Better be safe than sorry - m?s vale prevenir

This advice applies to all forums

We would like to remind our posters that it is sensible to maintain a reasonable level of confidentiality when using public message boards.

1. Don't post your telephone number or e-mail address on a forum. If you want to make contact with other posters, DR1 has a Private Messaging system, commonly known as PMs.

2. Don't use your full name as a screen name, or when posting in a forum.

3. Mention your location if it is relevant to the thread topic, but be vague about specifics like street name and number.

4. Don't broadcast exact travel plans. Again, if it is relevant to the thread topic, keep it reasonably vague.

5. Don't highlight vulnerability - don't mention you are at home on your own, etc.

While it may seem that way at times, posting on a public forum like DR1 is not just a cozy chat with trusted friends. Dozens more people are reading who rarely or never post.
Not open for further replies.