Potential 3 year plan to move


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Aug 22, 2008
Hello All,

My Mom and I are looking into to moving to the DR in three years once she retires. A little history about us we equally own our home in the states, she is a Math Professor and I am a Human Resources Manager. I have read all of the suggestions and posts about people looking to move there such as making sure we have a contigency plan which is why we are doing a 3 year instead a 3 month plan ;).

Anyway I have also read the living section of this website and have a good beginner's grasp of what life could be like. I know I will never really know until I experience no matter how much I read but I am a bit concerned about Health Insurance. My mom will still have her US insurance through her retirement so that if anything major happens she can go back to the states and use it. So for her purchasing a local plan for use in the DR and keeping her US coverage will work very well.

I am thinking about me, because I won't have US coverage. I am relatively healthy but what options are available if something major were to happen to me. I understand there are levels of coverage available for use in the DR but can someone share insight about levels of coverage for major incidents and possibly the costs. I am probably going to look at opening my own business once I get here but of course will take time. Thanks for any info!


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Dec 11, 2003
I have had several different international plans and settled on IHI from Denmark as the best - you have to get it through a broker (PM for the info).. The plan is fully transportable around the world and coverage major medical events- i.e. up to 1.8 million which most Dominican plans do not.Local insurance here ends at age 75. You can get a good international policy with a big deductible (say 4-5k) for a few thousand dollars a year, depending on your age. Make sure you read the fine print in any policy. For the local insurance - check the threads.


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Feb 7, 2007
I think for a "few thousand dollars a year" she can get a pretty good individual US policy.

And for another "one-thousand a year" she can get the cream of the crop policy based in the DR.

That way she can have a dual plan, same as her mom.